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Cosmo Suites is a mid-rise residential development that is an ideal half-way residence for employees and students working and studying at the Bay Area.

More than its great location, it offers fully furnished accommodations, functional amenities, essential features and a convenient leasing management support.

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What makes us different

Cosmo Suites


Central Location

At the Heart of
Manila Bay Area

Nestled at the heart of the Bay Area, Cosmo Suites is walking distance away from offices and main businesses around the area making it a suitable residence for employees of diverse backgrounds. Cosmo Suites is located near corporate offices and main businesses around the area.

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Conceptively Designed

Rising at 16 storeys per tower, Cosmo Suites’ mid-rise design concept adds a touch of subtle elegance to the Bay Area’s residential district.

Approximately 30 units per floor provide flexibility when it comes to your investment choice.

Cosmo Suites is equipped with smart technology that make managing and living in your rental property efficient and convenient.

To ensure seamless stays in Cosmo Suites are merchant tenants at the commercial podium that cater to the needs of every resident.

  • Convenience Store
  • Food Hall
  • Coffee Shop
  • Barbershop/Salon

Cosmo Suites is designed with amenities that make it a top choice among city dwellers. These are curated to match the lifestyle habits of intended tenants making them want to live longer in the property.

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